V-Grits serves up southern-style vegan dishes out of a bright orange truck! Our goal is to provide people with healthier comfort food. We make all of our own sauces, dressings, cheeses, and more. 

Our schedule is filling up fast, and we're constantly updating it. Keep an eye on our events page so you can find us. We'll keep you in the loop with tweets and facebook posts too. And because Louisville is close to so many other cities, we're up for road trips to your private events. Want us at your big bash? Just ask! 

We're setting up a program so that a percentage of profits from your purchases will go to charities, and you'll get to help pick which ones. We also plan to work with local homeless shelters and soup kitchens to donate extra food. 

V-Grits is chef-owned by Kristina J. Addington, the first vegan chef to win Food Network's culinary competition, Cutthroat Kitchen. 

About Chef Kristina

Why V-Grits? I grew up with a family from the hollers of Appalachia, whose gatherings always revolved around food. Southern, country-cooking at its’ best. My family expressed love through feeding each other home-cooked meals, and I believe a lot of people shared similar experiences. That's one reason "comfort food" is so comforting. It reminds us of sitting around the dinner table with our families. 

I switched to a completely plant-based diet about 8 years ago, after beginning to understand exactly how much animals suffer in factory farms (did you know 10 billion animals are slaughtered in the US every year?). I chose to make a bold decision to no longer support the cruel farmed-animal food system. As I began to learn more about health and wellness, I was even more confident in my choice. Meat and dairy are major contributors to heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes… the list goes on. You can learn more from the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM), and I highly recommend watching a documentary titled Forks Over Knives, available for free on Netflix.

So now my grocery cart usually (ok - always) looks like a scene from Veggie Tales. But instead of missing out on all that old-fashioned comfort food, I enjoy recreating my favorite southern dishes with healthier ingredients. And I can't wait to share them all with you out of the V-Grits food truck!

I suppose the moral of my story is that we don't have to suffer from countless food-related, preventable diseases. And we don't have to support the inherently cruel animal agriculture industry. We can feel good about ourselves, our choices, and our health, without giving up our favorite foods. That's my dream for V-Grits. 

If you're curious about the ingredients we're using, or you need a little advice on a healthier lifestyle, I would love to talk. Email me, or heck, flag me down on the truck and let's chat!