I can't help but think of "The Summer of George" when I type that.  ツ  Anyhoo, it's going to be a big year for V-Grits - we can feel it in our bones! The truck is almost ready... I know we keep saying that, but the only thing left is a little plumbing and electrical work. So hang tight! We are so ready to start serving you rad meals out of that baby! 

In other awesome news, you can buy V-Grits in stores! Woooahhhh. So cool to see our logo in the case at Vint & Heine Bros Coffee. We're testing products this month and we'll be expanding to more stores in Louisville in February! Did you see the upcoming vegan egg mcmuffin? Prepare to have your socks blown off your piggies. So let us know - what other shops in Louisville would you like to see our sandwiches? Grocery stores, convenience stores, coffee shops? 

Happy 2015, Grits Grubbers.